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Serenity One (Monthly Payments)

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Clinical intake

  • In-depth clinical intake with comprehensive medical & family history
  • Medical review and analysis by a physician specializing in preventive care


  • 1:1 consultation with a medical professional to review your results, status and actions you can take to optimize your protection

Personal Health Protection System

  • 1-year access to the Serenity portal to monitor your personal health protection system in real-time
  • 1-year concierge medical chat support

Access to the Serenity Ecosystem

    • Discounted access to Serenity advanced medical services (utilization of services may require plan upgrade or additional payment)
    • Discounted access to Serenity advanced diagnostics, including deep genomics and early-cancer detection solutions

    $100 off Upgrades to Advanced Serenity Plans

    • Serenity Protect: Upgrade your plan to get full-service preventive care, including at-home sample collections, annual checkups, medically recommended screenings, vitals checks and more
    • Serenity Protect Plus: Add precision genomics such as clinical exome sequencing, pharmacogenomic and early cancer detection for advanced protection
    • Serenity Complete: Comprehensive twice-yearly preventive diagnostics including early cancer detection, with seamless care coordination and unlimited access to your physician and genetic counselor