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Serenity's Nurse Case Manager will assist you or your family with reviewing, assessing, and planning for medical concerns. The Serenity Case Management group can assist with both chronic and acute conditions requiring coordination of services across the medical care continuum.

Educate member on disease process and management strategies

Assist member with medical record retrieval and interpretation by Medical Intelligence Team.

Extensive blood panels, vitals, family history and preventive medicine review.

Liaison with required medical services and coordinate care for a continuous care experience

Assist members with insurance competencies Monitor member success and support through the transition of care to medical specialties


of U.S. healthcare spending is allocated to chronic conditions

Serenity has the potential to increase your bottom line.

It closes the preventive care gap by detecting and reducing the biggest medical risks before they become health threats that are costly and difficult to treat.

Choosing Serenity strategically de-risks your most valuable assets: your people.

Work with us to creat a custom Serenity case management plan that is right for you