'It starts with testing:' New tool helps T-V, movie production get back up and running safely

A new efficient, affordable way to test everyone working on either large or small productions is helping bring back the entertainment industry.

SANTA MONICA (KABC) -- A new tool has been introduced to help T-V and movie production get back up and running. The mobile lab is an efficient and more affordable way to test everyone working on either large or small productions.

"It starts with testing. You've gotta start with testing," said Atul Singh of Production Services.

Here's how it works: before going to work, a production crew member takes a COVID-19 test. Those in the industry say they have to make sure everybody is safe.

The film and TV industry is trying to get back on track. But when you deal with dozens of people moving in and out of a production people here say it can be an issue. They can now get tested almost anywhere.

"This was a location that was very easy, everyone can go there, and we can compensate people for their time getting here and get tested. It's the same place you come before the shoot, after the shoot and that was very important," said Singh.

There are new companies out there coming up with ways to do that. One of those is Quantgene which provides COVID-19 mobile testing. The testing is done by a registered nurse and can provide results quickly.

"They need nationwide testing, they needed same-day turnaround so you test by 12 PM and we get it back to you by six or 8 PM and no one else can do this right, said Jo Bhakdi, Quantgene Biotech.

Zoe Dinerstein created a company to help productions get the proper protocols in place no matter where they are.

"Most of my clients are using it every few days during a production whether it be a commercial or a TV show or a movie but I'm also working with music studios so they want to make sure that in the music studios when everyone is in a tiny room, it's more of a preventative measure," said Zoe Dinerstein, ZD Concierge services.

Many smaller productions can't afford a big testing setup. This allows a place for the crew to get tested quickly and then go right to the set.

"The main thing is you want everyone who is working on it to work at their best level and not be worried about hey did we cover all the safety protocols here? I want people in set and I want them to be very comfortable," said Singh.


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