The Deepest View into
Your Genetic Health

Our advanced genetic intelligence goes 15x deeper to comprehensively protect your health with pinpoint precision*.

*Comparison of Serenity AI report vs. standard genetic test report. Roughly 2,500 findings per variant vs. 160 findings per variant.

Your Genes Hold the Key to a Healthier Future

They are the blueprint for your body and your health. That’s why accessing and unlocking the intelligence within your DNA sits at the core of our approach. We use pioneering medical technologies including advanced AI and machine learning to get deeper insights into your unique health profile. If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of deep genetic intelligence, you can schedule time with our Serenity concierge team anytime.

How We Do It

Serenity Keeps You Safer

Serenity’s advanced genetic intelligence goes 15X deeper to extract vital health data from your DNA and keep you safer from chronic diseases, drug interactions and lifestyle risks*.

Deeper Deeper

2 million genetic variants analyzed

Broader Broader

>100K publications searched

Continuous Continuous

1X weekly genetic health profile review

Full-Service Full-Service

10 genetic experts assigned to keep you safer

Membership Benefits

Serenity members have access to a broad range of benefits

Intelligence Team Oversight

A dedicated team of medical experts, biologists, machine learning and data scientists working to extract the most relevant health data based on your specific needs.

Real-Time Genetic Health Updates

Get real-time updates relevant to your unique health profile delivered right to your phone.

24/7 Concierge Access

An exclusive white-glove service available to provide tailored research and education based on your health questions and concerns.

Use Cases

Genetic Intelligence in Action

AGE: 43
Dave’s Case

Only Serenity identified risks with Dave’s immunosuppressant medication following a kidney transplant.

Serenity revealed that his gene variant has been associated with decreased metabolism of azathioprine. As a result, Dave’s doctor prescribed a lower dose to avoid harmful side effects.

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AGE: 51
Susan’s Case

Our real-time health updates protected Susan from potential adverse effects of her pain medication.

She was informed of a new study highlighting risks associated with her gene variant and buprenorphine. Her doctor lowered the dose of her pain medication to protect her from harm.

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*Example patient use cases. Not actual Serenity patients.

How It Works

A Seamless Experience

  1. 1 Undertake our
    in-depth medical

  2. 2 Complete a saliva test
    from the comfort
    of your home

  3. 3 Receive expert
    consultation and a
    health action plan

  4. 4 Get ongoing real-time
    health updates on
    your phone

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Data Usage

Your Health & Privacy Protected

Serenity is committed to total privacy protection. Members have full control over their own health data.

1. We do not share or sell your personal data.

2. We will delete your account and all data upon request.

3. Our plans are self-paid so your insurance will never see your results, unless you choose to provide them.

4. Our staff are HIPAA trained to ensure your personally identifiable health data is never mishandled.


Everything Included for One Flat Fee

After sign-up, Serenity membership is just $99/month. This one flat fee gives you unlimited access to Serenity experts and on-going genetic intelligence.

  • Medical intake and analysis

  • Clinical-grade genetic test

  • Genetic intelligence report

  • 50-minute consultation with a genetic health expert

  • Real-time genetic intelligence updates to keep you safe

  • 24/7 access to the Serenity concierge

Monthly Plan


Billed monthly, minimum 6 month commitment,
+ one-time $299 set-up and testing fee.

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