Seamless Telemedicine Experience
Medical Intake
  • Telemedicine, White Glove Service

  • At-home Blood Draw & Saliva Samples

  • Comprehensive Medical Intake

Step 1

Counseling and Consent

Step 2

Comprehensive Medical Intake

Step 3

Blood Sample 
Collected at Your Home

Personal Genomic Analysis
  • Deep Genome Sequencing

  • 10 Billion Cloud-Data Points

  • AI Cancer Signals Pattern Detection

Step 4

Processing Your Sample

Step 5

Clinical Data Analysis

Step 6

Genomics Expert Analysis

Medical Expert Personal Consultation
  • Genomic Expert Consultation

  • Personalized Genomic Analysis

  • On-Going Expert Support

Step 7

Genomics Report & Counseling Session

Step 8

Cancer Risk Report & Counseling Session

Step 9

Personalized Cloud-Data Updates & Access 
to Medical Intelligence Team

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