• *Comparison of Serenity AI report vs. standard genetic test report. Roughly 2,500 findings per variant vs. 160 findings per variant.
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  • Genetic Intelligence In Action - Going Deeper

    Susan, 51 Years Old

    Susan suffers from severe chronic pain due to an injury. She previously took a Serenity test.

    Standard Results

    Susan’s previous Serenity report report found gene variant rs2740574, genotype TT with warnings for a few drugs. So Susan’s doctor decided to treat her with buprenorphine (an opioid partial antagonist) to treat the pain long-term at a standard dose.

    Serenity Report

    Sometime later, Susan received an update. Through new studies, Serenity finds a recent association between this variant and increased response to buprenorphine in people with pain.


    Susan’s doctor decides to lower her dose of buprenorphine to manage her risk of overdose and developing a dependence on her medication.

    * Example patient case studies, not actual Serenity patients

    Genetic Intelligence In Action - Going Deeper

    Dave, 42 Years Old

    Dave has ulcerative colitis (an inflammatory bowel disease) and has recently undergone a kidney transplant. His doctor is considering prescribing azathioprine, an immunosuppressant to prevent organ rejection.

    Standard Results

    A standard genetics report finds that Dave has a variant rs1127354, genotype C/A. The report does not identify any considerations for treatment with azathioprine.

    Serenity Report

    Serenity Genetics Intelligence reveals that Dave’s gene variant has been associated with decreased metabolism of azathioprine, specifically in patients with inflammatory bowel diseases.


    The doctor sees this warning and prescribes a lower dose of azathioprine to avoid harmful side effects like severe bruising, bleeding, and overall weakness.

    Dave is feeling better and his doctor is monitoring him more closely.

    * Example patient case studies, not actual Serenity patients

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