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Discover whether you have a genetic predisposition for diseases or drug complications with Serenity's genetic testing.

  • Learn how to adjust your lifestyle based on a comprehensive DNA analysis
  • Take targeted action to minimize disease risks after receiving your results
  • Discover which prescription drugs can lead to adverse reactions based on your genetic code
  • Detect medical problems and health risks earlier to help resolve them faster and more thoroughly

Two Months to Lifelong Serenity

Day 1

Order Serenity Genetics

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Day 1

Fill in your Medical Profile

Answer questions about your and your families health.

Day 4

Review by Serenity Clinical Team

After your Medical Profile was reviewed we send you the Test Kit.

Day 7

Submit Sample

Send in your saliva sample using our DNA Test Kit.

Week 6-8

Get Results

Understand your test results with an in-depth phone consultation with one of our genetic counselors.

For Life

Ongoing Updates

Review updated genetic results on a monthly basis and discover potential issues or advice.

Serenity Genetics

$950 One-time payment
  • Sequence all your 20k genes at once
  • Clinical-grade genetic test
  • Genetic intelligence report
  • Consultation + ongoing support with a genetic counselor
  • Access to your dedicated Serenity concierge

Serenity Lasts a Lifetime

With Serenity, your genetic variants are documented and continually reviewed as medical research progresses.

  • Discover clinical grade hereditary testing at 100x depth
  • Understand your genetic health better with whole exome sequencing
  • Match your genetic results with the latest medical research from over 100k publications
  • Access your results and VCF file from the Serenity Smart Medical Profile
  • Understand your medical status with our committed team of Serenity experts

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Data Usage

Stay Safe. Stay Private

Your data privacy is our highest priority.

Unless required by law, we’ll never share your personal information, genetic results, or health history with any third parties or governmental authorities.

You have total control over your data: We will delete your account and data upon request

All information you share is encrypted and stored on controlled servers with restricted access

Quantgene is HIPAA-compliant and all employees complete annual HIPAA certification

All DNA is analyzed in the United States

Case Study

Serenity's ongoing health updates helped John better manage his medication dose in real-time.

John, age 42, was diagnosed with depression several years ago

Without Serenity

John’s 2017 standard genetic test identified a gene variant rs1045642, genotype A/A.

John’s doctor prescribed him trazodone, an antidepressant, which was considered safe for him. John felt some benefit but still struggled with his depression especially when stressed.

With Serenity

One year later, John became a Serenity member. Serenity provided John with a real-time alert on newly discovered associations between his gene variant and his antidepressant medication.

Serenity shows that John’s body clears his medication more quickly than average. This information prompts John’s doctor to adjust his dose and modify the prescription accordingly. John is now managing his depression better.

No compromises
on your health.