Advanced Genomic Precision for Your Practice

Serenity’s advanced genomic technologies and a team of genomic specialists support you in the prevention and early detection of cancer and other diseases.
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  • The landscape of medical practice, especially in primary care is expected to change drastically in the next 5-10 years

  • Emerging precision technologies and AI will be the cornerstone of this transformation

  • Reducing the burden of decision making and increase the potential for patient-centric care and improved long-term health outcomes

Redefine What’s Possible 
in Medicine

Clinical-grade whole exome sequencing to assess disease, medication and lifestyle risks
Liquid biopsy to detect early signals of multiple cancers in the blood
Smart Profiles
A deep and comprehensive medical health profile centralized in one cloud system
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A Powerful Genomics System Embedded into Your Practice

  • The complexity and depth of data has slowed the adoption of genomics into routine primary care

  • Serenity provides you with access to world-leading geneticists, genetic counselors and variant curation scientists

  • Clinical reports are designed for ease of interpretation and actionable insights

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Easy Integration In Your Workflow

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Patient intake and/or EHR transfer
One blood draw for liquid biopsy
Genomics support for your teams and patients
Serenity clinical report delivered by Serenity team
One saliva sample for genetics
Improved Patient outcomes and satisfaction

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