Frequently Asked Questions


  • Serenity is a system of preventative precision medicine. It combines medical professionals who are experts in genomics with the most advanced genomic testing and AI. This means Serenity can provide you with vastly deeper health insights and medical care that is intended to keep you healthy and get ahead of disease proactively.

  • Standard primary care does not typically include the use of genetics or genomics. This is partly because most primary care doctors are not trained in the specific science of genomics. In fact, new innovations typically take 15 years to become standard practice. This means that there are new, proven medical technologies that are not being offered to patients. Serenity is bringing the next generation of genomic-based medicine to patients today.

  • Serenity physicians select which tests are right for you based on your unique patient profile. However, the core set of testing we typically recommend include:

    Serenity Liquid Biopsy

    Helps to detect early signals of 7 common cancers from a standard blood draw. Deep sequencing and AI technology are used to find cancer-related somatic (developed over time, not inherited) mutations in your blood. Detecting cancer in early stages is the best way to ensure better outcomes of treatment and survival. For example, if you detect colon cancer in stage I, the 5-year survival rate is 94% but only 11% if detected in stage IV.

    In a clinical trial of 675 patients, Serenity’s underlying liquid biopsy technology was proven to help detect cancer signals that would not be discovered through standard screening. The technology is proven to outperform other publicly available platforms on technical detection capabilities, detecting over 3000 cancer-related locations with single-molecule precision.

    Serenity Clinical Exome

    A DNA test (oral swab) that analyzes germline (inherited) disease-causing changes in various genes associated with hereditary cardiovascular, oncology, and metabolic conditions. Additionally, you can elect to receive information about carrier status for reproductive risks. During your pre-test genetic counseling session, a genetic counselor will determine if your family history is suspicious for a hereditary condition. If so, a diagnostic exome will be recommended and additional genes associated with the personal and/or family history will also be tested.

    Serenity Pharmacogenomics

    An oral swab test that analyzes 44 genes related to how your body is likely to metabolize common medications for cardiovascular, oncological, psychiatric, and metabolic diseases. This can help make sure you are prescribed medications that are better suited to you, your dose adjustments are well controlled, and help to minimize adverse reactions.

    Serenity Blood Panel

    A blood test that includes A1C, lipids, complete metabolic panel (CBC), and complete blood count (CBC) panels. Up-to-date and complete blood work is helpful to contextualize your other genomics tests and ensure nothing is missed.

  • Yes. More can be done the earlier you are able to know your risk of diseases and take actions to lower that risk. In addition, the incidents of certain diseases are actually increasing among younger people. For example, a study at UC Davis Medical Center projected an increase in colon cancer in people 45 to 50 by 11.4% by 2022 and by 21.2% by 2027.

  • No. Serenity is not a replacement for your regular healthcare visits and screening tests. You should continue with all recommended standard-of-care treatments. Serenity is an added layer of protection. Our medical intelligence team supports and informs your overall healthcare plan.


    • Day 1: Your Serenity Concierge will reach out to get you started.
    • Day 2: Complete your Serenity medical intake including personal, family and lifestyle history
    • Week 1: Attend your pre-test telemedicine consultation with a Serenity physician and genetic counselor. They will explain what to expect from testing. Schedule your at-home sample collection.
    • Week 2: A Serenity nurse will come to your home or office and collect 4 samples: liquid biopsy blood test, clinical exome saliva swab, pharmacogenomics saliva swab, and blood panel test.
    • Week 3-9: Your samples will be going through next-generation sequencing, AI analysis, and medical review.
    • Week 10: Your hyper-personalized risk report will be ready. Your Serenity physician and genetic counselor will go over your results and guide you on actionable next steps.
    • Ongoing: As a Serenity member, your profile continues to update based on new data. We will reach out as soon as it is available to keep you protected at all times. You also have the option to do quarterly check-ins with your Serenity specialists.
  • Serenity is a system of precision preventative medicine that utilizes a massive amount of genomic data to uncover deeper health insights. In order to gather all the required data, we need to collect a wide range of information and samples. Once your samples are sequenced, billions of data points need to be analyzed, evaluated, and then distilled into a hyper-personal health risk assessment. This is beyond what any test in the standard of care medicine can provide today.

  • No. Serenity is delivered by a select group of specialized laboratories specializing in next-generation sequencing and genomics. Therefore, Serenity testing cannot be ordered to a local lab or clinic.

  • Absolutely. Unlike some testing companies, making money on selling health data to 3rd parties is NOT part of our business model. Your data will sit on secure and fully encrypted Serenity servers unless you explicitly ask for it to be shared with another physician or entity. With Serenity, your data is in your hands.


  • No. For now, Serenity is not covered by medical insurance. Serenity is based on proven science and medicine. However, in an effort to keep costs low, insurance companies tend to reimburse treatments for disease vs. preventative care. However, we do offer promotional discounts on occasion and you can use your FSA/HSA to pay for Serenity which may help to manage costs.

  • Yes. Serenity is tax-deferred under FSA/HSA. You should also ask your employer if they match FSA/HSA spending which could further reduce your out of pocket costs.

  • Serenity is not just a test. Serenity is an innovative system of precision preventative medicine. It includes medical care, a menu of genomic tests, your personal Smart Profile, an AI-enabled hyper-personalized health risk assessment, ongoing check-ins with our Genomic Specialists and 24/7 access to a dedicated concierge. This is more than you would receive with any off-the shelf genetic or standard liquid biopsy test.

    Keep in mind 2 years of Serenity equates to about $240 a month which is similar to a premium gym membership.


  • Consumer genetic tests like 23andMe are primarily focused on ancestry. They are less expensive because they are not clinically validated or actionable panels. That means that anything that 23andme detects cannot be the basis of any medical decision. If 23andme flags something as potentially problematic, you have to order another genetic test like Serenity to get clinically sound results before a physician can take any action.

    23andMe medical option does test for some hereditary disease risks, however, it is not comprehensive genetic testing. They are FDA approved for testing only 3 specific variants in the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes. This is a very limited evaluation of the BRCA1/BRCA2 genes. Serenity exome testing reads through the whole protein-coding regions of all the genes tested, including BRCA1/BRCA2, therefore, a negative result on our test is more reassuring. Since our test is a clinical-grade test, your healthcare providers will not need to order confirmatory testing, as they would when using another commercial genetic testing.

  • Other genetic testing companies may offer clinical grade testing as well as the option to reach out to their genetic counselors. However, they are not built to provide you hyper-personal concierge care. Once you purchase serenity, you will be scheduled for a genetic counseling consultation where a genetic counselor will determine if our healthy exome or diagnostic exome is appropriate given your personal and/or family history. This is a personalized evaluation to ensure you are receiving the appropriate test. When results are available, you will meet with the genetic counselor to review these results in detail to ensure all your questions and concerns are answered. We are here with you every step of the way.

  • Other liquid biopsy tests available for preventative use usually have to be ordered by your primary care physician. They do not come as a system of medicine so that you have the right support and expertise in reviewing your test results. Serenity is different because we believe it is critical to ensure you have the right resources available to interpret, deliver and update your genomic health profile.

    Grail’s Galleri test does test for 50 cancers, however Serenity looks at 7 of the most common cancers and other important factors like your hereditary genetics, personal health history, symptoms, etc. which puts more context around your liquid biopsy test results.