It's Never Too Early to Detect Cancer

Detecting cancer in the early stages significantly improves your chance of survival.

Cancer is a Growing Health Concern

40% Chance

of developing cancer in your lifetime

1.8 Million

new cancer cases every year in the U.S.

Leading Cause of Death Worldwide

according to the World Health Organization

34% Increase

in cancer rates expected in the next 15 years

The Good News

Detecting cancer in the early stages can increase 5-year survival rates by 61%

*5-year survivability calculated overall for five of the most common cancers.
Finding cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage gives you the greatest chance of survival.
— US National Library of Medicine, NIH

Too Many Cancers Are Detected Too Late

It’s always important to follow your doctor’s recommendation for routine cancer screening procedures. But unfortunately, today most cancers are discovered later when they're more difficult to treat.*
Only 3
leading cancer types are screened for
in standard of care for average-risk patients. With these methods, adherence, invasiveness, and accuracy continue to be a challenge.
Closing The Detection Gap
Serenity is combining advances in genomic sequencing and machine learning to discover early cancer signals. It's an entirely new tool helping doctors and patients stay ahead of cancer. Add it to your health routine today.
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