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Serenity Plus

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One-time clinical intake & genomics

  • MD and genetic counseling intake session
  • MD and genetic counseling post-diagnostics session with protection plan
  • Clinical Exome testing
  • Clinical Pharmacogenomics testing
  • Comprehensive medical history, family history and medical assessment

Annual Checkup

  • Diabetes detection panel once per year
  • Advanced lipids panel once per year
  • Advanced blood panel once per year
  • At-home sample collection once per year
  • MD consultation once per year
  • Advanced detection for cancer signals once per year:
  • Liquid biopsy for genomic multi-cancer early detection
  • Liquid biopsy AI-based analytics and diagnostics
  • Secondary validation of liquid biopsy included at no charge when applicable
  • Deep genomics specialized MD consultation

Personal Health Protection System

  • Concierge support for one year
  • Serenity Portal access for one year, including:
  • Metabolic disease prevention and early detection
  • Continuous cardiovascular disease prevention and early detection
  • Continuous cancer prevention and early detection
  • Continuous drug complications prevention and early detection
  • Continuous genetic surveillance on whole-exome level
  • Continuous medical and family history monitoring
  • Dynamic and continuous medical risk profile determination and real-time system adjustments
  • Advanced cancer prevention plan with continuous surveillance