Our mission is to extend the healthy human lifespan by a decade within a decade.

Genomic Technology is the Key to a Longer Healthier Life

As the cost of genetic sequencing has decreased rapidly, the sophistication of data and AI has increased exponentially. Serenity is combining these two worlds, creating a new level of personalized medicine to help you stay one step ahead of cancer.

Physicians are finally using genetic intelligence to protect your health rather than reacting to illness. We are committed to delivering this level of advanced care for all patients. Together we can outsmart cancer and disease, one molecule at a time.

Our Technology

Physicians using Serenity's Genomic Technologies strive to shift the paradigm of what is possible in standard of care medicine today. They are empowered to help keep you healthy using tech-driven, cutting-edge genomic technologies.



Quantgene is a biotechnology company focused on unlocking the deep human genome. They specialize in delivering more complete personalized medical intelligence using next generation genomic sequencing combined with cloud and AI technologies. Quantgene technology allows physicians to proactively get ahead of cancer, disease and inherited conditions.

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CureMatch, Inc. is a digital health company focused on personalized medicine and combination therapy in oncology. CureMatch’s Decision Support System guides oncologists in the selection of cancer drugs that are customized for individual patients based on their molecular tumor profile. CureMatch enables oncologists to become experts in personalized medicine by providing them with actionable intelligence towards advanced cancer treatment options.

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Fulgent Genetics is the first clinical laboratory to offer copy number variation detection using NGS technology in the United States. Today, Fulgent Genetics has an unrivaled catalog of genetic testing, offering over 18,000+ single genes, 800+ rare disease tests, whole genome sequencing, and whole genome copy number variation analysis, mitochondrial sequencing, and CLIA/CAP quality sequencing services.


PerkinElmer produces analytical instruments, genetic testing and diagnostic tools, medical imaging components, software, instruments, and consumables for multiple end markets. They have over 3,500 patents, a global network of R&D centers of excellence and market-leading detection, imaging, and informatics innovations.

Technology Infrastructure

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