To extend the healthy human lifespan by a decade within a decade.

We Believe That New Genomic Technology Is the Key to a Longer Healthier Life

Serenity is a system of preventative medicine that is tailored to your genes. In the past 5 years, the cost of genetic sequencing has gone down while the sophistication of big-data analytics and AI has increased exponentially.

This shift will allow for the democratization of genomics-based medicine so that physicians can finally use genetic intelligence to protect health rather than simply reacting to illness. This is the revolution in medicine we are committed to help deliver for all patients.

Technologies We Use

Physicians that use Serenity's Advanced Genomic Technologies strive to shift the paradigm of what is possible in standard of care medicine today. They are empowered to help keep you healthy using tech-driven, cutting-edge genomic technologies.


Quantgene is a biotechnology company focused on unlocking the deep human genome. They specialize in delivering more complete personalized medical intelligence using next generation genomic sequencing combined with cloud and AI technologies. Quantgene's technologies allow physicians to act proactively get ahead of potential diseases like cancer, inherited conditions and lifestyle risks.

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CureMatch, Inc. is a digital health company focused on personalized medicine and combination therapy in oncology. CureMatch’s Decision Support System guides oncologists in the selection of cancer drugs that are customized for individual patients based on their molecular tumor profile. CureMatch enables oncologists to become experts in personalized medicine by providing them with actionable intelligence towards advanced cancer treatment options.

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Technology Infrastructure

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