It’s our mission to extend our members’ lifespan by a decade, within a decade by delivering the world’s most advanced medical innovations.

Serenity is a Product of Quantgene

Quantgene is an advanced medical technology company dedicated to building the future of healthcare. Using breakthrough scientific, engineering and technological innovations they are on a mission to unlock the Deep Human Genome.

The company was founded in 2015 in a small UC Berkeley Lab under the leadership of Jo Bhakdi and Dr. Monika Hagen. Now, Quantgene is headquartered in Santa Monica with an R&D unit in Berlin, Germany, and clinical sites across Europe and the US staffed by a world-leading team of pioneering oncologists, geneticists and health innovators.

Our Founders

Jo Bhakdi

Jo Bhakdi

Founder & CEO

Jo is the founder and CEO of Quantgene. His work in machine learning, sequencing technology and DNA extraction procedures defines the cutting edge of genomic diagnostics, early disease detection and precision medicine.

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Monika Hagen

Monika Hagen

Chief Medical Officer

Monika E. Hagen is the Chief Medical Officer of Quantgene and a board certified General Surgeon, specializing in bariatric surgery. Trained in Germany, Switzerland and the US, she has over a decade of experience as a medical doctor, academic surgeon, teacher, medical device expert and clinical trial specialist.

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Technology Infrastructure

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