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Removing Blind Spots in Medicine

Many companies today use genomics or biometrics, some discover your family history while others reveal your predispositions. Independently, these provide only a partial picture of health, leaving you with medical blind spots.

Serenity is the first system of genomics and AI unifying this data to create a high resolution view of your health from multiple angles. This unification of technologies removes those medical blind spots and provides you with an unmatched comprehensive analysis.

Hyper-Personalized Protection

Serenity goes deeper than any other form of medical care today, generating billions of data points on your health, all from a blood and saliva sample collected at your home.
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1 Liquid Biopsy
The world’s first deep genomics system detects early cancer-related somatic mutations in your blood when the disease is easier to treat. Utilizing Quantgene DEEPGEN technology, Serenity Liquid Biopsy is proven to help detect cancer signals that would not be discovered through a standard screening.
2 Clinical Exome
Analyzes your genes, revealing hereditary risks and insights associated with common conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, metabolic, and inflammatory diseases.
3 Pharmacogenomics
Reveals how you will respond to prescription medicines based on your genome, your unique genetic makeup, helping to optimize treatment and prevent serious adverse reactions.
4 Blood Panel
Complete, up-to-date blood work informs your genomic results. Often overlooked during annual checkups, Serenity analyzes important clinical biomarkers for metabolic, cardiovascular, and cancer conditions.

Clinically-Proven Technology

Increase in Diagnoses

Precision Medicine

In a clinical study of 382 patients who were managed through precision medicine at the Undiagnosed Diseases Network (UDN), 132 received diagnosis for conditions that were previously unknown. 1
272 Genes
Targeted for Cancer-Related Mutations

Liquid Biopsy

Serenity uses DEEPGEN™ Liquid Biopsy technology. It is proven to detect 3,000 cancer-related mutations with single-molecule precision and identifies cancers that would otherwise not be detected with standard screening alone. 2
6,000 Genes
Known to Cause Hereditary Disease

Clinical Exome

The exome is a section of your genome that contains 85% of all known disease causing variants. Exome sequencing is valuable in identifying hereditary genetic risk factors for disease. Serenity’s Clinical Exome looks at ~6,000 genes in the exome. 3
Coverage of Genes Related to Adverse Drug Reactions


There are over 2 million adverse drug reactions each year in the US. Serenity Pharmacogenomics analyzes 44 genes that cover 99% of all genes known to be associated with adverse drug reactions. 4
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Medical Intelligence Team
Serenity gives you access to medical pioneers and genomic experts. The team works together to deliver your results with precision and clarity, helping you stay one step ahead of cancer, as well as metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Jonathan Richina
Honey Nagakura
Director of Genetic Counseling And Genomic Services
Sebastian Pfeil
PhD, Bioinformatics | Research Scientist Lead
Nicole Groenke
PhD, Bioinformatics | Research Scientist / Data Analyst
Bernd Timo Hermann
PhD, Bioinformatics | Research Scientist / Data Analyst
AJ Bowen
Senior DevOps Engineer
Ajit Parikh
Natural Language Processing (AI) Engineer
Darren Wight
PhD, Bioinformatics | Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer
Robert Kunze
Engineering Lead Research
Stefan Budach
PhD, Bioinformatics | Machine Learning Engineer
Julie Robledo
Member Support

How Serenity Works

Everything From the Comfort of Home

As a member, you will enjoy a seamless telemedicine experience from your home. A Serenity concierge arranges everything, including your at-home sample collections and any consultations with Serenity’s Medical Intelligence Team.

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AI-Powered Medical Protection

Combining genomics and artificial intelligence, Serenity provides you peace of mind and an early detection of common diseases through a deep layer of continuous protection. Utilizing an estimated ten billion data points, Serenity’s Medical Intelligence Team provides an unprecedented level of insight, helping you stay ahead of cancer and other diseases.

Setting a New Privacy Standard

Serenity is HIPAA compliant, protecting your data using 256-bit encrypted blockchain technology. No insurance companies, governments or other third-parties can access your private data without your explicit permission. And your information will never be sold to anyone, ever.

Your Personal Concierge

Serenity provides you with a fully dedicated Support Team, available 24/7 to answer questions, offer guidance and connect you to the right medical resources.

Hear From Serenity Experts
Dr. Richina on How Serenity is Revolutionizing Cancer Care
Dr. Richina on How Liquid Biopsy Can Transform Cancer Care
Honey Nagakura, CG on Serenity Exome and PGx Testing
Industry-Leading Technologies
Serenity is deeply integrated with the most advanced genomics laboratories and technology partners to ensure uncompromising clinical quality and precision. Our laboratory partners are industry-leaders in quality, reputation and track record.
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Invaluable Insight. Impressive Value.

There are many options in genetic testing and concierge medicine available to patients.* But only Serenity offers genomic specialists, concierge service and comprehensive genomic testing in one seamless experience.
Genomic Experts
Liquid Biopsy
Clinical Exome
Concierge Nurse Visits
Concierge Physicians, Genetic Counselors, Bioinformatics, Machine Learning And Data Specialists.
3000 targets across 272 cancer related genes.
~6000 genes scanned, 492 diseases analyzed.
44 genes analyzed for 99% coverage of adverse reactions.
All services are provided at your convenience via telemedicine so you never have to travel to a doctor’s office.
Concierge nurses make home visits to help you complete your testing.
Primarily Ancestry Commercial Tests Limited Clinical Panels
Genetic Counselor Upon Request
Limited Genetic Panels, 60 genes
Limited Genetics Panel, 14 genes
Genetic Counselor Upon Request
Limited Genetic Panels, 147 genes
*Table data based on company website information for products available directly to consumers as of 10/13.
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[1] Splinter, Kimberly, et al. “Effect of Genetic Diagnosis on Patients with Previously Undiagnosed Disease.” The New England Journal of Medicine, U.S. National Library of Medicine, 29 Nov. 2018,
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