• We Provide Advanced Health Protection

    Quantgene SerenityTM is a preventative care system built on advanced medical technology to keep you and your family healthy.

  • Baseline
    Understand your cancer risk profile.

    Get an in-depth assessment of your medical history, cancer risks and a personal cancer action plan.

    ($200 Savings through 6/30/2020)
    What's included
    • In-depth health evaluation of all your cancer risk factors by a genetic counselor
    • 50-minute consultation with a genetic counselor
    • Personal cancer action plan
    • Member benefits and discounts (i)
    Advanced genetics, no compromises.

    A full-service hereditary health solution that integrates advanced genetic intelligence, clinical-grade testing and expert guidance.

    ($100 savings through 6/30/2020)
    What's included
    • A dedicated genetic counselor
    • Comprehensive clinical-grade testing done at-home
    • Live video counseling sessions
    • Hereditary health action plan
    • Ongoing check-ins with your genetic counselor
    • 24/7 Serenity Concierge access
    • Member benefits and discounts (i)
    Peace of mind across 8 cancers.

    A new solution for physicians to detect 8 cancers at early stages in the blood.

    Coming soon !
    What's included
    • Physician review of your medical history
    • Mobile phlebotomist blood draw
    • Deep genomics test and processing
    • Results report and review with a physician
    • Coordination of clinical next steps as needed
    • Member benefits and discounts (i)
    Coming Soon !
    Covid-19 Status
    Move forward from COVID-19.

    Get FDA-cleared COVID-19 antibody testing and expert guidance.

    Coming Soon
    What's included
    • An FDA-cleared COVID-19 antibody test
    • A blood-draw specialist that comes to you
    • Expert consultation on your COVID-19 risk and personal management plan
    • Member benefits and discounts (i)
    Coming Soon !
  • Serenity Goes Beyond Standard Medicine

    Advanced Medical Technologies

    We give you access to effective medical technologies, even before they become available in standard medicine. This includes innovation in deep sequencing, artificial intelligence and big data analysis from our parent company Quantgene.

    Dedicated Experts

    Medical leaders in genetics, functional medicine and disease specialties take a proactive approach to protecting your health.

    Seemless Access

    Experts are available at you convenience via chat, phone, video consultations, and even testing that comes to you.

  • A Seamless Experience

    Sign-up for Your Offering
    Expert Assessments and Testing
    Design Your Personal Health Protection Plan
    Regular Touch Bases with Our Concierge

    All Serenity plans include $200+ worth of member benefits to further support your health protection goals. Benefits include the Serenity Concierge, ongoing updates on medical advances and exclusive discounts on all Serenity plans.

  • Schedule a Free Consultation

    Speak with our Serenity Concierge and learn how advanced preventative care can help you meet your health protection goals.

  • Serenity is a Product of Quantgene

    Quantgene is an advanced medical technology company that started in 2015 at Berkeley Lab. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, with an R&D Unit in Berlin, Germany and clinical sites across Europe and the US.