SERENITY: Launching in California and South Carolina March 1st.

The Next Level of
Preventative Precision

Serenity helps to protect and preserve your health by detecting cancer and other diseases earlier, when they are easier to treat.
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Our Mission

10 in 10

To extend our members’ lifespan by a decade within this decade

Preventing Disease Means Getting Personal

With the effective combination of deep genomics and advanced technology, you and your physician can finally:

  • Better predict which treatment and prevention strategies will work best for you.
  • Replace the current one-size-fits-all model with one that tailors care to your unique biology, hereditary profile and lifestyle.
  • Finally maintain health instead of reacting to disease.

Serenity Delivers The Future Today

Serenity uses advanced genomic technologies to detect and prevent dangerous diseases like cancer earlier.

  • Genomic data combined with cloud and AI technology for a more complete view of your unique health
  • Analysis against all available medical publications for deeper more timely medical insights
  • A world-leading clinical and medical team by your side

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Four Layers of Health Protection

    Clinical-grade genomics for a comprehensive picture of disease, medication and lifestyle risks
    Liquid biopsy to aid in the detection of multiple cancers at early stages in the blood
    A complete health history to add hyper-personalized context to your test results
    Our team connects you to to world-leading scientists, physicians and clinical specialists to guide you through.


Allows our trained physicians to detect multiple cancers at earlier stages in the blood with single-molecule accurary.

  • Helps to detect pancreatic, colorectal, lung, liver, breast, prostate and bladder cancers
  • Early detection is a critical and proven way to improve treatment outcomes and decrease cancer mortality risk.
  • Detects 3000+ clinically relevant targets across 272 genes associated with cancer
  • Delivered by expert physicians specialized in liquid biopsy


Whole Genome Intelligence delivers a complete picture of your health with no compromises.

  • Deeper assessment of disease risks related to cardiovascular, metabolic and neurological disease as well as pharmacogenomics, carrier status and lifestyle
  • For the first time, Whole Genome Intelligence across all 20,000 genes
  • Clinical-grade reports on all medically significant variants
  • Quarterly updates against the latest findings in genetic science

Smart Profile

An intelligent profile that helps to add context to your genomic data. Serenity redefines medical data in an AI-powered medical engine that combines

  • Family history
  • Personal medical history
  • Lifestyle factors
  • Screening adherence

With genomic testing results to deliver continuous, more comprehensive and hyper-personal Medical Intelligence.

Clinical Task Force

Serenity maintains a world-leading clinical excellence network including genetic counselors and specialized physicians across oncology and genetics.

Should test results come back abnormal, Serenity will connect patients and their physicians to expert resources who can answer questions and assess appropriate next-steps. The Serenity Intelligence Engine supports our experts by ensuring real-time access into the world’s latest clinical research.

Our Privacy Pledge

The safety of our patients will always come first- that includes the safety of your private data. Unlike some other testing companies, Serenity will never share or sell personal patient information, genetic results, or health history with any third party without permission.

  • Serenity will never sell any medical data, genetic data or personal information. Ever.
  • Serenity is built on an encrypted system where all information is stored on controlled servers with restricted access
  • Serenity promises that for any medical research initiatives, you will always have the option to share or not-share anonymized data.

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The Founders

Serenity is a Product of Quantgene

Quantgene is an advanced medical technology company dedicated to building the future of medicine. Using breakthrough scientific, engineering and technological innovations they are on a mission to unlock the Deep Human Genome.

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