Advanced Medical Protection Built from Your Genes

Serenity advanced genomic technologies aid medical experts in detecting early signals of cancer and other diseases when they are easiest to treat.
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Our Mission

To extend healthy human life
by a decade within this decade

By combining deep genomics, big data and advanced technology, a new hyper-personalized paradigm of medicine is possible:

  • Better predict which treatment and prevention strategies will work best for you.

  • Tailor care to your unique biology.

  • Maintain health instead of reacting to disease.

The Future of Medicine is Personal

Preventative medicine specialists are dedicated to providing you a clearer picture of your health. Expert physicians:

  • Specialize in genomic and medical technologies

  • Go beyond the status quo in primary care

  • Support you and your primary care doctor

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Serenity Physicians Put Health Protection First

Clinical-grade whole-exome sequencing to assess hereditary health risks
Liquid biopsy to help detect early signals of cancer in the blood
Smart Profiles
A deep and comprehensive medical health profile centralized in one secure cloud system

Serenity’s Proprietary Genomic Technologies

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A blood test for early signals of 7 common cancers

  • Early cancer detection is a proven strategy to improve treatment outcomes and decrease mortality

  • Detect signals for breast, pancreatic, prostate, colorectal, liver, lung and bladder cancers

  • Take it annually to monitor your cancer risk profile over time

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A complete analysis of your hereditary health

  • Medical intelligence across all 20,000 of your genes

  • Deeper assessment of disease risks, drug interactions and lifestyle factors

  • Clinical-grade reports on all medically significant variants

  • Quarterly updates against the latest findings in genetic science

A dynamic health profile that includes your complete health history in one place.

  • The intake for Smart Profiles goes far beyond the standard primary care record

  • A deeper medical history contextualizes Serenity genomic test results for further precision

  • Quarterly updates against the latest findings in genetic science

  • A complete medical record that can be provided to any physician at any time

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Our Privacy Pledge

The safety of our patients will always come first; that includes the safety of their data. Serenity will never share or sell personal patient information, genetic results, or health history to any third party, including any other physician or insurance organization, without your explicit permission. Ever.

  • Data storage adheres to the strictest laws and regulations as an absolute priority

  • Serenity encrypts patient data on secure servers with no 3rd-party access (i.e. insurance, employer, etc) outside of Serenity medical staff

  • You will always have the option to share or not share anonymized data for research purposes only

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