Same Day RT-PCR COVID 19 Testing

We Use Deep Medical
Intelligence to Protect
and Extend Your Life

Our Mission

10 in 10

To extend our members’ lifespan by a decade within a decade

Liquid Biopsy

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World-leading accuracy in blood-based detection of cancer-associated mutations for under $2,000

  • Unparalleled technical NGS cancer mutation detection accuracy down to 0.09% mutant allele frequency
  • Applications include early detection, recurrence monitoring, MRD and companion diagnostics


The first genetic test across all your genes including clinical analysis for under $1,000

  • Detailed report about your findings on disease risks, medication intake, lifestyle habits
  • Real-time updates on future findings

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Smart Profile

Serenity turns your medical information into an intelligent profile that brings your data to life:

  • Receive alerts for new findings & health updates about your personal data directly to your phone or via mail
  • Analyse your family history of diseases and oversee the health of your relatives
  • Organise your medical documents in one central place
  • See important action items for your lifestyle habits
  • Manage your medication intake


Move forward with life safely. We offer FDA EUA-approved RT-PCR testing for just $185.

  • Same-Day turnaround
  • 99.99% accuracy
The Founders

Serenity is a Product of Quantgene

Quantgene is an advanced medical technology company dedicated to building the future of healthcare. Using breakthrough scientific, engineering and technological innovations they are on a mission to unlock the Deep Human Genome.

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